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At SDOC, we strongly focus on early preventative and interceptive care, along with a strong emphasis on achieving the highest level of Smile and facial aesthetics post-treatment.

Those goals are achieved utilizing leading and innovative orthodontic systems and techniques such as Ormco's Damon Q Passive Self-ligation system and the Damon Clear II clear self-ligating bracket system, as well as the latest technology in Digital Orthodontics; Ormco's Insignia (Advanced Smile Design) for customized orthodontic appliances that are custom-made and computer-designed for each specific patient.

We also use the MBT Versatile Treatment philosophy and prescription, along with other appliance systems from major companies including 3M Unitek's Clarity Advanced ceramic brackets, and various systems and auxilliaries from American Orthodontics and Ortho Technology, in various forms including metal, clear aesthetic (tooth-colored) braces, clear aligners and fixed and removable functional orthodontic appliances. (click the above links to find out more.)

Our objective is to ultimately empower your life through life-transforming changes in your smile and overall dental health, instilling incredible confidence and an improved self-image that will last you a lifetime!

We are dedicated to achieving these goals with your help, and are committed to excellence, quality and a warm professional approach in everything we do.

For more information about how orthodontic treatment is carried out at our center, click here.


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At SDOC, we also use various advanced softwares for radiographic and image analysis and management. OrisCeph RX CE (OrisLine) is one such piece of software. It is a complete software solution for orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons for planning orthodontic and orthognathic treatments, and we currently use it for advanced cephalometric, image and model analysis of all our cases to ensure all the little details are taken into consideration before starting treatment. After all, Excellence is in the details. 


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Why Choose Us?

We are committed to Excellence, Professionalism and Integrity.

Aristotle was right; we are what we repeatedly do. Beautiful, high quality results are never achieved suddenly nor spontaneously, but rather through a series of small, dedicated acts of excellence repeated day-in and day-out.
Professionalism in how we interact with our patients and in the way we perform our treatments is a basic pillar in our understanding of how to be the best - and stay the best - in what we do.
We have long been trusted to provide our patients with what's in their best, long-term interest. We strongly believe that medical ethics must be the guiding principles in everything we do.