Digital Radiography

SDOC is equipped with some of the latest technological advancements in the field of digital radiography including the Cranex Tome™ X-ray unit (Soredex), the first dental x-ray unit in the world to introduce Spiral Tomography instead of Linear Tomography, providing unparalleled diagnostic superiority to other similar units, and enabling the specialist to take a wider – and more accurate – variety of views for the Jaws, TMJs (Jaw Joints) and dentition.

In addition, the Digora™ digital software system is fully integrated with the digital radiography unit throughout the center’s network.

At SDOC, we use various advanced softwares for radiographic and image analysis and management. OrisCeph RX CE (OrisLine) is one such piece of software. It is a complete software solution for orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons for planning orthodontic and orthognathic treatments, and we currently use it for advanced cephalometric, image and model analysis of all our cases to ensure all the little details are taken into consideration before starting treatment. After all, Excellence is in the details.

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