The following graphics – adapted from the American Association of Orthodontists’ (AAO) recommendations – are intended to act as a quick reference guide for both parents and referring doctors who suspect developmental and/or orthodontic problems in their child or patient, and would like to further understand the problem and and know when is the best timing to refer the child or person to an orthodontist.

We strongly recommend you closely read this information and preferably save it onto your computer (Right-Click & SAVE AS..) for future reference.

Once the child is seen and examined, and if starting orthodontic treatment is required at this stage, then it would be useful to know more about your child’s first visit to the orthodontic clinic, and what would be required from them if and when they start orthodontic treatment. For more information about Orthodontic treatment in general, please refer to our FAQs section.

We will be happy to answer your questions and inquiries at anytime either by phone (+96265523031/5520595) or through sending us a message through our contact form.

Watch Dr. Shadi Samawi discussing Orthodontic problems in young and adolescent children and the best timing to see children for an orthodontic consultation, on Roya TV.

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