So You’ve Got Braces Now..

Now that you have had your braces fitted, it’s more important than ever to maintain your teeth and gums perfectly clean and healthy till the end of your treatment, and hopefully, long after !

The key to healthy teeth and gums is proper Plaque removal every day. Plaque is the sticky, invisible film of bacteria constantly forming on your teeth. If left to build up, it will cause tooth decay (cavities), discoloration and gum disease !

 How to clean all areas of your mouth when having “braces”..

 At first, doing a good job of removing plaque from your teeth and along the gum-line may seem difficult with braces; KEEP AT IT!.. With the proper instructions and a bit of practice it will get much easier!

 Here is what you need to do:

  • Remove any elastics, Headgear or removable parts form your mouth before you start cleaning.
  • Place the special Ortho V-brush at 45 degrees angle to the gum-line and brush back and forth with gentle pressure.
  • Clean ALL surfaces of your teeth: inside-out, top and bottom.
  • Finally, use your special round-tipped orthodontic toothbrush to clean around each and every tooth and bracket, and under the wires. Take extra care not to break or damage any wires or brackets.
  • After properly cleaning your teeth, gums and braces, it is good practice to use a fluoride mouth-rinse at least once daily, preferably at night before going to bed. This can help reduce the chance of cavities.

Studies show that consistency is all important for long-term Oral Hygiene.

 If You Have A Removable Appliance..

 Remove the appliance out of your mouth, brush and clean your teeth first, then use a dedicated soft toothbrush to clean your appliance inside-out using gentle pressure, and finally rinse it under cold running water before wearing it again. NEVER USE HOT WATER TO CLEAN YOUR REMOVABLE APPLIANCE!


Anything Else I Can Do ?

Yes !.. adults in particular are advised to use special dental floss (Super Floss) to clean underneath the archwires and in-between teeth.  This special floss is the same one used to clean under fixed porcelain bridges and can usually be found at most pharmacies.

Specially-designed spiral-twin brushes can further help in cleaning around orthodontic brackets and archwires, and in between spaced teeth.


Avoid HARD, STICKY & CHEWY foods & sweets, as well as FIZZY & SUGARY drinks during treatment.

They can seriously damage your braces, cause cavities & gum disease, and cause permanent discoloration of your teeth ! This could result in the need for further cosmetic dental work after orthodontic treatment. We hope you never have to need that, but just in case, we got you covered!

You can find out more about good oral hygiene practices in general on this page.

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