About Us

At Samawi Dental & Orthodontic Center, We’ve got a vision of a great enterprise. We’ve already got a great enterprise; we want to keep making it better.

We serve a lot of great people; we want to serve more. As we do, we receive greater rewards and satisfaction. Because we receive greater rewards, we become more comfortable and more creative and then we can serve more and more people even better. It’s a beautiful cycle we’ve got.

We pride ourselves on having exclusive, top-notch patients and clients who trust and appreciate our efforts in providing them with the highest quality dental and orthodontic service in Jordan and the region.

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SDOC was founded in 1999 by Dr. Sami Samawi and Dr. Shadi S. Samawi , with a vision in mind. That vision is to empower people’s lives and self-image through better smiles and better dental health, by providing the highest standard of excellence in professional orthodontic care to our patients.

To that end, our mission is to continue to work hard to merge hard-earned, long-standing clinical experience, with modern concepts and developments in the art and science of Clinical Dentistry & Orthodontics.

Everything we do at SDOC revolves around one simple yet powerful premise: Excellence. We strongly emphasize Quality over Quantity, therefore, only a handful of select and highly-qualified specialists cater to our exclusive patients’ base.

Our team relentlessly works together with our patients to ensure they receive the highest quality of professional dental care. We take pride in the fact that our Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach is what sets our mindset apart from everyone else’s.


Having an Incredible, Natural Smile is Empowering and Life-transforming.
If You Want to Take It to The Next Level, You’ve Come to The Right Place.

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